Keiki to Career | Ready to Learn, Ready for Life
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An island community where Kaua`i’s keiki through young adults are

healthy, competent, confident and caring.

2016 Kauaʻi Youth Report Released

The 2016 Kaua`i Youth Report is a snapshot of Kaua`i young people from birth to workforce entry.  The Youth Report provides 27 key indicators that measure youth progress, using available data that is relevant and enables a comparison with state and national data. It is intended to offer guidance to our community and policymakers seeking to identify areas of common need, and to spark collective action to help our young people succeed.

Early Literacy Project Launches at Kekaha Elementary

Keiki to Career Kauaʻi is launching a new project to raise literacy levels among our younger students, beginning at Kekaha Elementary School on the West Side.  The Kekaha Elementary Early Literacy Project is a bold, multi-faceted and comprehensive community initiative designed to help measurably increase students’ reading proficiency over three years. The community is rallying together to support students in three critical environments.

K2C Launches Share Family Meals Campaign

K2C is launching an island-wide campaign to encourage families to eat more meals together and take time to reconnect. Keiki to Career partners (link to partner page) are working together to help families understand the impressive benefits of sharing more family meals.

K2C Partners Work Together for Our Island’s Youth

At K2C we ask: Where are the gaps? How can we help? Each partners brings their expertise to the table and together we make progress. Some examples of our partners’ success: The Kaua`i Youth Photo Challenge was a partnership between Keiki to Career and Kaua`i Planning & Action Alliance. The Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce finds businesses to help with classroom speakers and job tours. Junior Achievement Kaua`i teaches high school students about financial literacy and careers. Leadership Kaua`i teaches high school students character and leadership skills. Our early childhood partners are planning a prenatal forum in support of expecting families, to give children a healthy start. Find out more about how your organization can help!

What does the data tell us?

Keiki to Career uses data to see where the greatest needs are, to guide our actions, and to measure our results. While many of our keiki are doing well, some are falling behind before they even start. Currently, 30%  of our keiki are not ready for kindergarten. By the end of third grade, a pivotal time when students will use reading to learn new things, only 60% are reading on grade level. By high school, 31% of students score average or better on the ACT, a important indicator of college and career success. To download the 2014 Kaua`i Youth Report, click here.

Keiki to Career

It’s an exciting movement for youth. Educators, non-profits, government, businesses, communities, and families are working together to support our young people from cradle to career so they are “ready to learn and ready for life.”


The role of Keiki to Career is to unite our community to insure our young people are : Ready for kindergarten, Healthy and thriving, Academically successful, Connected and contributing, Ready for college and career

Helping Our Young People is Everyone’s Kuleana

The role of Keiki to Career is to unite our community to insure our young people are : Ready for kindergarten, Healthy and thriving, Academically successful, Connected and contributing, Ready for college and career.

Major support received from
Community sponsors include
  • Atherton Foundation
  • Cooke Family Foundation
  • County of Kauaʻi
  • Deja Vu Surf Hawaiʻi
  • Hale `Opio Kaua`i
  • Hawai‘i Community Foundation
  • HLTA Charity Walk
  • HMSA
  • Kaua‘i Community College
  • Na Lei Wili AHEC
  • The Learning Coalition
  • Safeway
  • State of Hawaiʻi
  • Vidinha Charitable Trust
  • Young Brothers
    • Cultivate Hawaiʻi
    • Deb and Ben Gillikin
    • Grove Family Farms
    • Hanalei Surf Company
    • Greg Horn
    • Mark Hubbard
    • Kaua`i Family Magazine
    • Kaua`i Mini Golf and Botanical Gardens
  • Kupu A`e
  • Denis Orme, Seductions of Kaua`i Gallery
  • Marion Paul
  • Wanda Shibata
  • Michael Somers
  • Catherine and David Steinmann
  • Norma Doctor Sparks