Keiki to Career | Goals
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Based on the Hawaiian `Auwai system, in which all people care for the community’s water system, Keiki to Career Kaua`i developed a graphic that represents the continuum of a young person’s life and the community support needed for each child to develop and thrive.

It  shows the four areas of focus identified by K2C partners. Our current focus areas are Birth to Grade 3 and High School to Post Secondary. The The Resilience and Life Skills focus area and Parent, Ohana and Community Engagement focus area will be added as more resources become available. The plan sets four goals, with specific actions for each.

After more than two years of research, discussion and planning, a 3-year Keiki to Career Kauai Navigation Plan was completed in April 2013, with the input of Keiki to Career partners and the community.  The plan sets four goals:


Goal 1:

Provide a strong foundation in early childhood.

Goal 3:

Build parent, ‘ohana, and community engagement in the education and development of children, youth and young adults.

Goal 2:

Provide opportunities to develop life skills and resilience in preschool through high school.

Goal 4:

Prepare young adults to successfully transition to post-secondary opportunities like college, work, military, and technical training.

The entire community on Kaua`i can help our keiki set a strong foundation for success.