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Share Family Meals

Did you know that simply eating more meals together as a family has a powerful effect on your children? Eating meals together is associated with:

  • MORE success in school, including better grades and better vocabulary
  • MORE feelings of safety and well-being
  • LESS risky behaviors, such as smoking, drinking and drug-use
  • BETTER health: reduces obesity, less eating disorders
  • STRONGER families, better well-being of all family members

Sharing meals together 5-7 times per week provides the most benefits, but your family will still see benefits sharing 3 meals per week.

Listen to our KEIKI! Here’s why they love sharing meals as a family..(1:30 min. )

Want to create more quality mealtimes with your family? Try these simple steps:

  • Turn off the TV and cell phones.
  • Keep meals simple but nutritious.
  • Listen to your children to show how much you care.
  • Consider using “conversation starters” to keep the conversation interesting for everyone.
  • Don’t use meals as a time to criticize or discipline your children.
  • Ask your school-aged children to help set and clear the table. If they are old enough, have them help you in the kitchen, too.

Talk Story, Together
Ask your family about their day and show your support and encouragement. Consider asking some fun or meaningful questions at dinner and watch the conversation blossom. For example:

  • If you could build anything in the back yard, what would it be?
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  • Find a list of questions to get your family started HERE:
  • Some families keep questions in a jar on the table and pull one out at mealtimes. Encourage children to add their own questions, too.

If you need some more ideas, check out these other great conversation starters:
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How do you like to Share Family Meals?  


Show us how you like to share meals with the people you consider family. Photos can be taken anytime, anywhere on the island of Kaua`i: breakfast, lunch, dinner; while cooking & prepping; or even picnicking on the beach.


Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload the photo on your Instagram account
  2. Follow and tag @keiki2career
  3. Use #ShareFamilyMeals in your caption

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions HERE

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Share Family Meals Slide Show

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