Keiki to Career | Kauai Youth Report
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Kauai Youth Report

Kauai Youth Report

To monitor the progress of Kaua`i youth, K2C completes an annual report on the achievement, health and well-being of Kaua`i young people ages 0-24 years

The Kaua’i Youth Report is a snapshot of Kaua’i young people from birth to workforce entry. It is intended to offer guidance to Keiki to Career community partners and other service providers and policymakers looking to identify areas of common focus and need. In all, twenty-six indicators were selected for this report based on available county-level data that enable comparison with the state and the nation – as well as those that offer the ability to compare current Kaua’i rates with recent historical rates for our island.

The purpose of this report is to inform decision-making in the key areas of policy and program design and evaluate efforts to improve outcomes for Kaua’i youth. It is intended to give a snapshot of key indicators using available data that is timely and relevant.